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Mobile phone use is essential to our busy lives, with children being among the greatest adopters. The link between mobile phone Radio-Frequency and the harmful, life-threatening effects of radiation absorption has become much more recognised and accepted.

We are not saying stop using your mobile phone.
We are saying be protected while you do so.

An inconvenient truth

  • The World Health Organisation has classified Radio-Frequency electromagnetic radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Children are most sensitive to radiation due to longer exposure in a lifetime
  • High exposure to Radio-Frequency radiation associated with cancer (See details)
  • Incidents of aggressive malignant brain tumours almost doubled in the last 2 decades (See details)
  • All mobile phone manufacturers warn about the need for Radio-Frequency Exposure protection in their legal terms and condition. Check it out on your iPhone under Settings->General->About->Legal->RF Exposure

QONY offers a leading solution

  • Reduces radiation specific absorption rate by up to 99.7%
  • QONY product is TÜV SÜD tested in the United Kingdom using 3G and 4G mobile phone technology and active mobile phones
  • Patented* 3D antenna technology for antenna signal re-direction (*patent applied for)

Protect Yourself

  • Your personal Angel Guardian. Certified by the world’s authority in the area of Health and Safety Technology
  • Protect yourself from damaging mobile phone radiation
  • Protect those in your family – particularly children who may suffer longer term effects

TÜV SÜD Test in UK

TÜV SÜD is the world’s leading authority in the area of Health and Safety of mobile and radio emitting equipment.

They tested the efficacy of the Qony mobile phone case in blocking radiation absorption using the mainstream smartphones. The results were as follows:

Left cheek

Radiation without QONY protection
Radiation with QONY protection
Left Cheek4G 800MHz4G 1800MHz3G 900MHz
Iphone 898.50%96.30%97.70%
Samsung S891.80%89.80%96.20%

Right cheek

Radiation without QONY protection
Radiation with QONY protection
Right Cheek4G 800MHz4G 1800MHz3G 900MHz
Iphone 898.50%99.70%97.20%
Samsung S894.30%83.00%95.80%

Across all 3 bands, the reduction of Specific Absorption Rate is up to 99.7%

Radiation absorption after 1h of active phone usage without QONY
Radiation absorption after 25h of active phone usage with QONY

A change we can’t afford to ignore

Mobile phone use is endemic. We use phones for everything we do, from communicating, to reading news, to buying washing machines, to booking flights, to playing games, to watching your favourite TV show. They have revolutionised our lives. They are always with us. In our pockets, in our hands, next to us while we sleep, and against our temples while we talk. Progression in research now tells us the potential health damage from radiation is very real. ‘We can’t stop using our phones, so we’d better be protected.

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